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"I drive 40 miles for 15 years for dental work because she is a trieu dental genius! Removal of plaque surprising feels like a massage!!! Fillings feel smooth as butter. Highly skilled with her hands and she's extremely passionate and meticulous with her work. I love that my teeth feel squeaky clean when I leave (she does all the cleaning). Not to mention she genuinely cares about your health and you as a person.

I highly recommend."


"I have been a patient with Dr. Monica Trieu for nearly 10 years, and have experienced absolute top-notch dental service under her care. I will, in fact, assert that Dr. Monica Trieu is the best in the business.

...I believe that the love of her work manifests itself in the positive way she gets along with not only her patients like my father and myself, but also her assistants and office staff. Great energy brings great results, for sure.

Many thanks for all you do for me and my father, Dr. Trieu. I am so grateful."

Dirk C.

"I've been a patient for 2 decades and have been consistently very pleased with her skill and dedication. Dr Trieu takes a very conservative and careful approach to restorative work, and is patient focused instead of personal profit focused.

She could've made mountains of money putting crowns over some of my teeth that had deep cavities but instead put in a pulp cap and filling - which saves the tooth and have a better long term prognosis, but pay her something like 1/5th the money. Most dentists choose to place crowns in these situations because of the economic reasons and higher labor requirement of a pulp cap…

Highly recommended!"

Tom C.

"What a great experience! As a former Registered Dental Assistant I had treatment done by other dentists for the past 18 years and Dr. Trieu is a true dental magician! Painless anaesthetic ( which usually gives me anxiety) , prompt execution, effortless isolation and so gentle! I even fell asleep for a while during my 90 minute treatment! I highly recommend this practice! Keep up the great work Dr. Trieu!"


"She is fantastic, a little quirky, but she is the only dentist I know that will fill your fillings and also take the time to personally clean your teeth (because she wants to know your teeth the best that she can in order to help you the most.) She gives the most painless injections for fillings! I had ten fillings done (yes, it was a lot, some were redos due to poor fillings from a previous dentist) in the last year and each time was relatively painless and as enjoyable as a filling can be.

She is overall a fantastic dentist and once you have been her patient, you will not search for another doctor because she is simply the best."

Julia G.

"I've been coming to see Dr. Trieu for 10 years, and I can affirm that she is a phenomenal dentist.

She is kind, gentle, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I've had a few cavities filled by Dr. Trieu over the years, and each time, she was very attentive to my comfort level and eased my anxiety. She was so gentle that I dozed off during the procedure! She does beautiful work, as I can't even tell which teeth had the fillings. I want to acknowledge her wonderful staff, especially Linda at the front desk, who are always so kind and respectful, making each visit a delightful experience."

Susan L.

"I have been going to Dr Trieu for several years now and she is by far the best dentist I have ever had.

I had a 10+ year stretch without seeing any dentist because I had a fear of dentists. I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Trieu by a coworker. She was very receptive of my fears and I finally felt like I found a dentist that cared. She constantly asks if I'm in any pain or discomfort and helps to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The quality of the work is excellent. I've had a crown put in that looks perfect, feels and functions like a normal tooth. The cleanings are excellent and it's amazing that she does them herself as opposed to having an assistant do the polishing work. You can really sense that Dr. Trieu takes great pride in her work."

Rob F.

"So, I'm one of those EXTREMELY freaked out people when it comes to the dentist. I'm talking, Valium for a cleaning just to get me through the door.

I've NEVER found a dentist that puts me at ease, nor have i found a dentist that I felt genuinely cared about my concerns etc. That is, until I met this ANGEL! She's the first doctor to ever put me at ease, to the point where I DIDNT need a Valium just to walk through her door.

Dr Trieu is by far one of the best Dentists ever."

Mel S.

"I have been a patient of several dentists over the years. And the dentist demonstrating the most amount of care, skill, and integrity is Dr. Trieu.

I really like how she focuses on preventive care, which to me is the most important part of medicine. It is not the most lucrative aspect of dentistry or medicine, which makes me appreciate Dr. Trieu caring more about my dental well being than making maximum profit. I recommend all my family and friends to her."

Michael Y.

"She is the best at what she does. I feel like she takes care of my teeth as she does her own. Dr. Trieu deliberately sees fewer patients than other dentists because she does not want to compromise speed for quality care. Every experience I have had has been great and she has the same enthusiasm for her work as someone just starting in the field.

Not only is she a great dentist but she also come to know my whole family and what we have been doing in our lives. She has a great sense of humor and yes is a bit quirky but all the more reason to love her as a real person."

Matthew L.

"She is meticulous in her craft, taking the kind of pride in her artistry that as an engineer I can strongly relate to. She is very upfront about all treatment options and procedures, including pricing, I just want to reiterate and emphasize that she really does care."

Sean M.

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