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Conservative Dentistry

What are the Benefits of seeing a Conservative Dentist? 

A Conservative Dentist, like Dr Trieu, is one who uses minimally-invasive procedures to conserve your natural teeth and sparkling smile. 

Dr Trieu's focus is preserving a patient's natural teeth, structure and enamel using composite restoration and cosmetic bonding instead of grinding them down to a little stump to make crowns and veneers.. Crowns are sometimes indicated, but in many cases, composite restoration is a better and healthier restorative option.

Your enamel is like a precious pearl. It is responsible for all the natural luster that produces a brilliant smile. Your enamel is priceless, and once it is ground down, it can't be grown back or replaced.

Dr. Trieu’s Philosophy 

Your smile is as personal as your signature and as individual as the person wearing it. It mirrors your self-image and plays a major role in your social relationships. Since no two smiles are alike, neither are your dental needs. 

Above all, Dr. Trieu utilizes a patient-first approach to dentistry. The years that she has spent building a successful practice afford her the ability to make decisions that are solely based on the patient’s best interest.

Dr Trieu has developed the unparalleled ability to breathe new life into teeth that others had long given up on. So if you've been told that expensive, complicated procedures are your only option, visit Dr. Trieu. She is willing to assist with a meticulous, conscientious approach to dental care.

What does Dr. Trieu have to say about it?

“I love and have a passion for restoring with Composite. It combines my artistic abilities, craftsmanship I've learned and developed, and manifests my Philosophy and Soul for minimally invasive Tooth Conserving Dentistry. It is a Healthier option for you than a Crown in many cases. I make them Aesthetically beautiful too.”  - Dr. Monica Trieu

"She could've made mountains of money putting crowns over some of my teeth that had deep cavities but instead put in a pulp cap and filling - which save the tooth and have a better long term prognosis, but pay her something like 1/5th the money.  Most dentists choose to place crowns in these situations because of the economic reasons and higher labor requirement of a pulp cap."      - Tom C. 

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