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Case Studies

Case #1 - Avoiding a $3000 Problem 

Challenge: Patient's filling was done less than a year ago by a dentist in a prominent practice nearby. The old composite and decayed tooth had not been removed. A dead tooth is like a dead tree. It's dry, brittle and thus prone to fracture. When this conditions occurs, it prematurely ages the teeth and hastens the need for replacement.

Solution: Although a crown may have been previously indicated, I was able to do a large multi surface composite and a pulp cap. This helped to delay or avoid a root canal ($1500) and a crown ($1500). The hand-crafted composite "crown" and pulp cap allowed the patient to go home with her NATURAL tooth while saving $3000+. In addition to the financial savings, the patient was able to preserve more of their natural enamel and avoid a root canal that often weakens teeth. 

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