15785 Laguna Canyon Rd, Suite 240
IRVINE, CA 92618

Dr Trieu's Philosophy

Your smile is as personal as your signature and as individual as the person wearing it.  It mirrors your self-image and plays a major role in your social relationships. Since no two smiles are alike, neither are your dental needs.

Dr Monica Trieu has spent 22 years practicing her own brand of Conservative Dentistry which focuses on minimally invasive procedures designed to save and restore your natural teeth.

She specializes in the placement of composite fillings which are often a less expensive, healthier option for many patients. She has developed the specialized skills necessary to perform restorations that in many cases last 10 to 20 years.

Above all, Dr. Trieu utilizes a patient-first approach to dentistry. The years that she has spent building a successful practice afford her the ability to make decisions that are solely based on the patient’s best interest

Dr Trieu has developed the unparalleled ability to breathe new life into teeth that others had long given up on. So if you've been told that expensive, complicated procedures are your only option, visit Dr. Trieu. She is willing to assist with a meticulous, conscientious approach to dental care.

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